Tuesday, August 5, 2008

LinuxBIOS (Faster boot time for linux)

If someone wants to get freaky with their Linux boxes try this open Bios thing (LinuxBIOS, http://linuxbios.org/ ). It replaces the native Mobo bios with a trimmed down Linux version (with no support for DOS). Grub gets loaded into BIOSäs rom, reduces boot time and support parallel hardware initializations i.e. faster boot time for Linux.

When booted you just see two panes for Linux hardware initializations, (no Intel inside screen or press F2 or F12 etc..) I have tried it on dell optiplex gx620 (Intel 915 mobo) without any problems.

Though, there is no apparent reason to do this, and probably it has potential to fry the motherboard, but its cool :)