Monday, July 9, 2007

Very Cool Java Applications for mobiles

Few weeks back, I bought a new mobile Nokia 6300; and its a pretty awesome mobile, not that its the most functionally enhanced device in market, but for 13K you get a lot.

Anyways this post is not about Nokia 6300 it about some new mobile applications that you can download and enjoy with your java enabled cell phones; for connectivity I am using Ufone GPRS service in Pakistan, these application should work with any GPRS based service available anywhere.

To start with we have GMAIL client for mobiles, just go to from your cell phone built in browser, it will download a small application and Voila! There would be a icon in your application fodler, and You have your full sexy gmail account on your cell; You can read mails, reply, delete, open pdfs & images etc. As I use gmail very often so this was actually useful for me.

For more details go here,

Another interesting download is opera browser, just go to from your mobile and wasssup! A very good looking, fast browser is installed on which you can read RSS feeds etc and everything.
Plus as per Opera ppl, it’s very efficient as well.

For details,

Agile Messenger (Yahoo, MSN, Googletalk etc)
Third is Agile Messenger in which we can chat and all(MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk etc) J2ME application installs itself directly to the mobile, open the following URL in your mobile phone's WAP or WWW browser:

BBC News watcher
And the last one is BBC News Watcher,
Just go to this page,, give your details, and they will send you an SMS instantly with the download link, download it to your mobile, and you can have very kool looking Mail watcher on your mobile. Again very kool!. My mobile phone was not in the list of phone on which the application works, but I downloaded it for the nearest match, and its working perfectly. (my phone is Nokia 6300 and they had application for Nokia 6280).