Friday, May 25, 2007

When I walked on the sea, Good Ol' days in Sweden,

I and Rizwan went to our university beach where we walked on the sea. It was a great experience.... Now I can proudly boss "I have walked on a sea, have you?"

Saturday, May 19, 2007

and I enter the blogging world…

After riding a brain wave of solid 20 mins, understanding the invloved risks, gambles, speculations, health hazards, privacy threats etc. I have decided to blog! The decision is pertinent to four points,

1- Since by a stroke of luck I am a Manager at my company; and as you move up the ladder you get more involved in office politics and have less work vs more "Responsibility" he he, so -How to kill time-

2- My work place is full of "Uncle" type people and Computer Gaming Retards, so playing Warcraft in my office looked extremely odd, and made ppl roll eyes :p.

3- Check out what the blogging fuss is all about.

4- I might end up having fun and It sounds cool! (Damn! This point came out so lame :p)

-TimeLine- by Michael Crichton

Few days back I read a book named "TimeLine" by Michael Crichton. The book was recommende and given to me by a friend (Docktor aka Ayyaz) it took me months to find time to start reading it and I admit I am not big fan of historical fiction; and the book started somewhat slow as well. By once I started it on my 4 hr long flight to Dubai, I could never stop, on my arrival I stood at the arrival lounge for 2 hours just to finish it! Amazing Book; Highly Recommended .