Friday, November 23, 2007

A little technology update - Skype phone in Europe (UK/Ireland)

Ok peoples as you all know I have a thing for new & kool gadgets, a couple of weeks back Skype in partner ship with “Three” launched their mobile service in Europe. The idea of VoIP over cell phone is very kool but usually mobile companies and VoIP don’t get along good; allowing VoIP calls over their network is considered cannibalism.

Anyways this time it went different, finally Skype phone is launched and whats more, its free, just buy a Skype phone for €89 and that’s it, yeah really “THAT’S IT” you get a very nice looking iPod kinda cell phone for free. Just we have to top-up with €10 a month for normal “Three” calls and SMS’s rates, and rite now there is a promotion when ever you top up €10 you get €10 as bonus for next 12 months.

So in short we can make *unlimited SkypePC<->SkypeMobile calls absolutely free a whole month, plus Skype text chatting and also MSN chatting for free. There are rumours that they might allow Google talk for free as well.

khair I have bought this mobile and already in love with it, I just phoned my Dad in PK for like an hour while sitting in cafĂ©’, and as most of the people in my dept have bought it so everyone is online and cant stop calling each other, now :) he he! . See the pictures .

Btw the mobile tough looks small, comes with everything a modern mobile has, good screen, Bluetooth, 512 MB built-in, Mp3 player, nice headphones, 2 MPixel camera, long battery life, can also be recharged from USB, and its soo small, my N-73 is looking like a Giant in front of it.

* Unlimited = 3 hours of skype calls are allowed each day, which is like a lot. (btw if you use more than 3 your next day would be 2 etc.)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

An Era at LogicTree comes to an end.

While on my stay back in Pakistan I got to work in a very cool company, LogicTree Corp/InfoConSys, met some nice people, made very good friends, and enjoyed my stay thoroughly.

The LogicTree is a pioneer of IVR systems in US, and has installations all over the states, so when ever you call 511 or 411 in Florida, just remember it was programmed by Zishan or Kaleem and tested by Shafqat in Islamabad :).

When I was leaving the guys from office gave a very lavish Iftar part after that we had a very nice discussion over sheesha J at a place called “Kabotar wali Sarkaaar” restaurantJ, which made it something memorable.