Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mukshpuri Peak, NathiaGali. (9452 feet/3150 metres above sea level)

Mukshpuri Peak is at 2-3 hours hike from NathiaGali, its a very beautiful camping sopt. A must to go place, light adventure and fun time. The Hike is extremely beautiful and not very tiring.

But be cautious of going there in the evenings there are multiple incidents of mountain lions in that region. On my trip there out Guide (Mr. Khalid) showed us paw marks of a leopard, and has told us that he has caught glimpses of the cat many times over the past years.

Apparently two kinds of big-cats are found in region of Murree, Galiat and Azad Kashmir. On higher planes there are Snow leopards, and in the lower areas there are Lynx, mountain Cat. Though they are magnificent animals but its always better we avoid encounter; by going to mountains in groups and by keeping a local guide with us.

Snow Leopard(left) & Lynx, mountain Cat (right)
(courtesy of wwf and Google)

These are taken by my camera (The Beautiful Mukshpuri Track)

Tracking through woods

The Peak

pug mark of montain lion that I shot with my own camera.