Monday, February 11, 2008

Into the Wild (very interesting movie)

I watched Into the Wild last night, a friend recommended it quiet demandingly. The movie was about Christopher McCandless (Alex, the dude changed his name to hide from everyone, parents, friedns, authorities etc.), an American wanderer who saw society as being empty and had dreams of going to Alaska and living off the land. It's definitely a very different movie from normal action or chick flick movies... interesting though. There's one point in the movie when Christopher has been wandering for a year or two and is suddenly hit with a great deal of loneliness. In his journal, he writes, "Happiness is only real when shared." That quote really struck me. The whole idea of taking photographs even, is knowing that we can look back at them, share and relive that moment with others. When I'm going plaves or taking photos of my new experiences, I take them with that mindset that I'm going to post them on my blog, or post them on Facebook or picassa web so they can be shared with friends and family. What good are a bunch of amazing photos that are hidden in the back of your closet? Anyways, I thought it was an interesting movie overall (it's probably more of a dude movie).

One thing, for some reasons while watching the movie I kept on thinking about a freind "RK" whos is just like Alex... a wandrer who is allergic to cellphones and has also changed his name... but for some other reasons... RK, dude don't get your self killed :).

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